Group Online Baby First Aid Class


This class is perfect for your mothers group, new or expectant parents and caregivers. That little extra training for the marathon of parenthood!

Our special live online class has been revived for this difficult time that we are all experiencing here in Australia. (You dont need to be in Australia to join this class though!)

Our class is run by our incredible paediatric nurses, who work every single day with parents of small children just like you. They literally have lived and breathed every scenario you can imagine. They know how real the anxiety can be, because they are parents too…


Do you have a multitude of questions about your little one? Are they drinking enough? Do they have sensistive skin? How do you give peanuts to your baby? Well now is your chance  to pin down a Registered Paediatric Nurse. After the first aid and CPR class you can enjoy a Q&A with them and we wont stop until everyone’s questions are answered!


 In the first aid, we teach you all about the common scenarios that you may come across with your little one during and beyond babyhood! Our class ebook and introducing common allergy foods guide gives you all the information you need to know to start introducing those scary allergy foods and what to look out for!

Once you book your class, we will be in touch in the next 24 hours to lock in your date!


Grab a teddy or a doll to practice your choking and CPR technique as we will be teaching and demonstarting all of the following subjects on our live classes…

What you will learn on the day?⠀

Baby & Child CPR  | Choking  | Fever  | Broken bones⠀ | Drowning⠀ | Febrile convulsions⠀ | Head injuries⠀ | Poisoning⠀ | Burns⠀ | Medications  | Dehydration  |  Other Common Childhood Emergencies  | Anaphylaxis⠀ | Introducing Common Allergenic Foods

On the day everyone will receive:
Class ebook | Introducing Common Allergenic Foods Guide |  10 Recipe’s For Your Baby: Ebook


There is a minimum requirement of 6 attendees – add more people to your class under ‘Quantity’ at the checkout.


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